Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) is testing that measures the number of certain medicines and/or their breakdown products (metabolites) at timed intervals to maintain a relatively constant concentration of the medication in your blood. It is done to make sure the amount of medicine you are taking is both safe and effective. TDM helps your provider find out if you are taking the right dose of your medicine. It is particularly useful for monitoring drugs of long-term use and drugs with a narrow therapeutic range (window).

AIM Laboratories drug testing includes monitoring patient prescribed medications, monitoring patient drug and substance abuse, providing confirmation of patient compliance with treatment plan, and therapeutic drug monitoring. Drug and medication monitoring and confirmation is needed to make sure the patient is compliant with the treatment plan or to justify a treatment plan change. It reduces the risk of patient’s misuse or abuse of prescribed medication.

 AIM Laboratories provides the accurate testing results within 24 hours at reduced cost to protect your patients and physician practices. Toxicology and clinical expertise are also available onsite.

Clinical Toxicology Testing

The scientific expertise and state of the art technology provided by AIM Labs delivers timely and accurate results needed for prescribing and to help ensure compliance. Our extensive test menu offers more than 70 commonly prescribed medications and drugs of abuse. Our full-service CLIA-certified and COLA-licensed laboratory is centrally located in St. Louis, Missouri, and is uniquely positioned to provide testing for clients thoughout the United States.

Drugs of Abuse

Whether it is employment screening or clinical testing for drugs of abuse, our skilled staff works with each client to customize a testing panel to the individual needs. It doesn’t stop there, our toxicologists are continuously identifying and proactively adding new drugs of interest to our growing test offerings. Testing includes: urine drug screening, positive and negative, conformational testing as well as quantifiable results.

Prescription Compliance Testing

Compliance testing for prescribed medications can help clinicians determine if his or her patient is following prescribing instructions, metabolizing the drug properly, missing doses or has stopped treatment all together.

Every Prescription Testing panel is customized for the medications prescribed by each clinician with whom we work. Our confirmatory testing provides quantifiable results for any medications. In addition to current medications, we can identify non-prescribed medications for patients that test positive for other drugs of abuse.

Curbing Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis
The Role of Toxicology Laboratories in Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention
Contributions by AIM Labs CEO Sonny Naqvi
The next generation of UTI testing
Molecular Diagnostics- Real-Time PCR Testing

PCR molecular testing is the next step in UTI testing. Unlike urine culture, PCR testing reveals the specific type(s) of pathogens causing infection and is able to detect antibiotic resistance. This leads to improved patient outcomes through rapid, accurate diagnosis and identification of the right antibiotic for treatment.

Culture vs. PCR (split into two columns with side by side comparisons)