NewsAIM Laboratories Steps Ups Efforts to Support St. Louis Community During COVID-19 Pandemic

March 1, 20210

AIM Laboratories, a locally owned and operated diagnostics lab that has performed more than 250,000 COVID-19 tests to date, announced a new program to support St. Louis area schools and businesses. Under the program, AIM Labs will pledge 1,000 tests (approx. $100K) to organizations offering free test to the uninsured or underinsured.

“We are all in this together,” said Sonny Naqvi, CEO of AIM Labs. “I have seen firsthand how this pandemic has ravaged peoples lives. This is just one way we can give back to the community we love and serve.”

Naqvi is passionate about fighting COVID-19 in St. Louis. He and his wife, Sofi Naqvi, who heads up operations for the company, have been working 20-hour days keeping up with the COVID-19 testing demand of their clients. Their Bridgeton-based laboratory is buzzing with activity, as scientists and laboratory technicians rapidly process COVID-19 tests within 48 hours for urgent care facilities, health systems, and businesses throughout the St. Louis region.

Naqvi said he invested in expanding the lab’s COVID-19 testing capabilities in March when it looked like the pandemic was here to stay for a while. “We expanded our equipment, people and processes in order to address community needs,” said Sonny. “We have been blessed to be able to serve, and just want to give back.”

In an era when large corporate laboratories have put pressure on locally owned labs, AIM Labs has thrived on providing a personal touch to its clients and their patients. “We see the person behind every test we do,” said Sofi, who carries her phone with her like a physician on call. “It’s important that we get results back quickly and accurately because they and their loved ones are waiting. Every second counts.”

Sofi said most of the COVID-19 tests AIM Labs performed are returned within 48 hours, and many are received within 24 hours.

AIM Labs offers a range of COVID-19 tests, including Nasopharyngeal swab, throat swab, lower nasal swab. The company plans to launch a combined COVID/Flu A&B/RSV test shortly. “We are in this for the long-haul,” said Sonny. “As long as this virus is here, we will be fighting it with everything we have.”

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